“Both Ms. Harkavy & Ms. Nadeau came highly recommended after I was injured in a rear-end collision. My case wasn’t straightforward due to tampered police report / evidence, and the other drivers conflicting statements. This is where both lawyers went above and beyond to prove to the car insurance about the tampering and lies! Their skill and experience exposed a 911 call where the responsible party reported that I was injured at the scene. They also uncovered that the redacted police report whited out a citation to the responsible driver and the fact that I sustained an injury. My case was clearly supported by the evidence pulled, only through the incredible tenacity, patience and perseverance by both Ms. Nadeau and Ms. Harkavy. As for recommendations: You will be valued as a client treated with respect and your case handled with care & integrity. Clear communication, confidence, knowledge of the laws and trust in their clients are the cornerstones of their business & hard work in support of their promises to defend, solve, close your case with favorable outcome. 5+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️if it was available. With much gratitude.”